March 29, 2007

By means of introduction

This blog gathers the thoughts of 29 years old French woman living in New York City, in the charming microcosm of the Upper West Side.

I may not be a citizen of the world, but have been traveling in a few places, and lived in Paris (my hometown), London and Jerusalem. The world being a small place, I decided to call this blog Microcosmik, to stress how circles of acquaintances - whether social or professional - remain closely intertwined. Add to that the structural gregariousness of the neighborhoods of Manhattan, perhaps due to the shape of the island, and you have a view of my world.

My occupation: mainly C.U.E (explanation will be posted soon), although my I94 states that I am a management consultant.

The purpose of this blog is to allow me to post my observations about random things, ranging from the views of an alien worker in the US, the various stages involved in the discovery of corporate America, as well as totally unrelated topics such as current affairs, food or any other issue of interest.
Being in the US, I will probably post most things in English, but I may occasionally spit out a few lines in my langue maternelle.

Comments and questions are welcome.