June 26, 2007

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Amnesty National

Two things: First, I think that I can compete for the title of the world's Worst Blogger, as I have not updated these pages in well over 45 days. Second, as you will have noticed, US Immigration has become my favourite topic of complaints (not the only one though, as I am French and complaining is part of my DNA). This can be explained by the fact that I truly hate my job and my company, and the idea of being a Captive Underpaid Employee (aka CUE, as per my introduction) at CrapCompany because of the dysfunctional US work permit system does not help me to focus on other things right now.
So, for all of the above, I apologize.

As I am avidly following the debate on the providential - yet highly unlikely - immigration bill, I stumbled across a quote from George W. Bush. Today, the bill was successfully moved forward in Senate, although there is probably a long way to go (if not a dead-end highway) until it is voted in Senate and eventually reaches the House of Representatives.
The New York Times published tonight a recap of this long day, and reported a memorable gaffe of George W., who could have easily featured in the David Letterman Show "Great Presidential Speeches" section.

Before I share his comment with you, let me give you some background information. The bill, strangely titled Unaccompanied Alien Child Protection Act of 2007, aims at completing a major overhaul of the US immigration system, by creating for the 12 million illegal aliens a path to legalization (though major hurdles were put on the way, such as the obligation to "touch back" with their home country). Incidentally, it also proposes a reform of the H1B visa system (yeah!!). Obviously this bill, supported by Senator Ted Kennedy, is massively attacked by all sides, which are accusing the bill to encourage fraud and will result in an increase the number of illegal immigrants. Ah! Those immigrants and aliens that are sucking the American Welfare State... In any event, the fact that the proposed reform of the H1B is nestled in the text dealing with illegal immigrants (thus highly controversial), directly threatens its chances of ever reaching the House.

So, in order to respond to the criticisms of the opponents to the bill, Bush Jr. tried to use a word that he did not understand. To those who accused the bill to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants, he responded:

"Amnesty means that you’ve got to pay a price for having been here illegally, and this bill does that"

Quite an interesting definition of amnesty. But, I have to thank Mr President for defending this bill, which if it is ever voted, will make my job change much easier. If this guy was elected President of the USA, I too can make my wishes come true!