May 8, 2007

And the winner is...

Well, it's been a busy week. In fact, as you will discover very soon, I am actually not that busy these days, but it was a busy week anyway.

So, here we are! The winner of the 2007 French presidential election is Sarkozy. Oh well, although I have voted for the Socialist Party in France all my life, this time I have to confess that I just couldn't do Segolene. She is an attractive women but dumb as hell. Whenever she speaks on TV, I want to disappear under the sofa, out of shame. Hence, I voted for Bayrou in the first round, and proudly casted a blank ballot for the second round. I could not bring myself to vote for Sarko. Now, Nicolas is baking under the Maltesian sun, and I am waiting to see what happens. I have to say I do not think this is a tragedy, perhaps he will do something to get the French out of their whining habits. Or maybe he will set the country on fire. We'll see.

Speaking of a winner, I proudly photographed the first time I completed a Solitaire game on my ipod. I know this is absolutely useless, but I was very proud of myself, and could not help but see some irony there.
Irony? well, yes. I called my employer yesterday, and found out that I did not win the H1B lottery. So my job is GONE... As I walk heading back home (very) disheartened and cursing the abyssal stupidity of the US immigration system, I played with my ipod and finally completed this game. And the message was this: "we have a winner".

Let's pretend it's true. I do not know exactly what I won here, but it cheered me up. And of course so did a good bottle of wine with my husband and good friends.

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